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Bumpin my gums...

May 16th, 2009 at 07:44 pm

Just finished watching, "Kobe doin' work". It was a good presentation. Kobe's a great ball player...on a financial note, I haven't contacted Walmart yet to see if my medication is on a list, but I will get to it tomorrow. I spent $12.84 at Publix today, but it came out of my grocery envelope, so I'm doing well with the budget.

For the past 6 months I've been using the envelope system. I like it, but I don't I think I'm going to start using my credit cards to pay for the most of my budgeted items, and then pay off the card in full. That way I can keep building my credit score up (hopefully it goes up).

I had to file a dispute claim with bank of America today. I bought an item off of ebay last month, and never got the item. The $$ transaction went through, but the seller ignored my emails to him. I was pissed, but B.o.A advised that they would send me a form to fill out inorder to start the claim, and hopefully I'll get my money back. It's only a whoppin total of &5.98, but it was mine- and I want it back! We'll see how the claim goes. Good night all Smile