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Ticked off at myself.

May 22nd, 2009 at 02:59 pm

For some odd reason I am in a spending mood. I think I am relapsing. Help me Frown
OK, so I complained last week about buying that new watch when I didn't need it- now I want to go back to the watch store and buy this other watch that I liked as well. I'm fighting it big time, and I think I will make it through. I just needed to vent.

-I've been good and bad this pay period with the money. I usually go to the salon every 2-3 weeks for a deep conditioning treatment, and every other month I get a full $80 wash, condition, and perm. I know its a lot of $, but I have very thick hair that can't be tamed unless a stylist does it. I can't do it justice. This time, I opted to wash it and flat iron it myself. It's ok, but I am far from excited about it. It's not as straight as when stylist does it, but I'll live with it for another week.

-I also have blown the entire budget for this pay period. I don't know where the money went. I plan to spend a certain amount after all of the fixed bulls are paid. Whatever extra is left in the account come next pay check, gets thrown into savings. Well, I find myself with $3 spend money left, and having to grab money from the "leftover cash" until next Friday, which is payday. I am so dissapointed in myself, and I need to step it up big time.

Sorry for the long note, I just needed to let it out. Hope everyone has a nice Memorial weekend.

4 Responses to “Ticked off at myself.”

  1. MICLASON Says:

    "progressing towards complete financial freedom"

    Is the watch worth it??...

  2. Miss Sporty Saver Says:

    No it's not. I stayed in and has a NSD. Going to try and make it No shop week- unless its a necessity.

  3. lizajane Says:

    "Ticked" off....no pun intended?

    Ask yourself these questions:
    * Is this is a need or a want? (obviously a want).
    * Do you have anything else like it? (yes, of course). * Will it help you achieve your goals? (nope)

    For the "I don't know where the money went", try to write everything down for the next few weeks. It will give you a much better idea of where the leaks are.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    I'd help, but I think I'm lapsing too. Big Grin

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